Surviving After Suicide: A 7-Week Grief Workshop for Adult Suicide Loss Survivors

The stigma that your loved one has taken their own life can leave you feeling alone and isolated. You may find yourself in a struggle to survive and then move forward. Find hope in connecting with peers who understand. This seven-week workshop will focus on issues and experiences unique to suicide. Surviving After Suicide is a group for adults who have experienced the death of a loved one by suicide. This workshop is designed to provide members with information about the grieving process and to provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space to share their experience and feelings with others who share a similar loss. 
Surviving After Suicide focuses on issues and experiences unique to suicide loss including:

· The emotions and feelings associated with a death by suicide

· Information on loss, bereavement, grief, and mourning

· Depression, mental illness, and suicide awareness education

· Addressing the unanswered questions of suicide loss – The “Whys?”, “What Ifs?”, and “If Onlys” and the “Should haves…”, “Would haves…”, and “Could haves…”.

· Coping skills, self-care, and how and when to access community resources

· Strategies for handling tender days, special occasions, and holidays & for establishing and maintaining familial, friendships and romantic connections.

· Ways to mark the remembrance of our loved ones through ritual, act of service or .

The next Surviving After Suicide workshop will be held Fridays, October 4th, 2019 – November 15th, 2019. The cost is $150 for the 7-week session and includes all course materials, activities, and light refreshments at each meeting. Registration is available here. Please contact instructor Charlotte Tankersley at or (720) 745-9252 with any questions.

Unanswered questions & unresolved guilt after a suicide

This 2-hour workshop addresses some of the unanswered questions that are common after a suicide loss especially the “Whys?” and the “What ifs?”. We also explore the “If onlys…”, “Should haves…”, and “Could haves…” that often accompany a suicide death and the effects of unresolved guilt. Finally, we will learn some steps to take to help resolve the feelings of guilt that result from a suicide death.

For more information or to register for an upcoming workshop, please contact instructor Charlotte Tankersley at or (720) 745-9252.

Tender days, holidays & finding a “new normal” after a suicide loss

Celebrating and establishing new traditions at the holidays are often the last things you want to do, not to mention getting back to “normal” when it feels like your world is falling apart is something that feels nearly impossible after the loss of a loved one to suicide. Learn how to manage the holidays, deal with tender days such as anniversaries, birthdays and other days of remembrance, and find out what that “new normal” is and how to navigate it when it feels like it is so far out of reach in this 2-hour workshop.

For more information or to register for an upcoming workshop, please contact instructor Charlotte Tankersley at or (720) 745-9252.

Suicide Intervention Skills Gatekeeper Training

Suicide Intervention Skills Gatekeeper Training Workshop is a 2-hour educational program that includes:

  • An evidence-based suicide gatekeeper training known as QPR (Question, Persuade & Refer) designed to teach lay & professional “gatekeepers” how to Question, Persuade, and Refer someone who may be suicidal, information about the common causes of suicidal behavior, how to identify the warning signs of suicide and how to get help for someone in crisis.
  • An opportunity to practice these new skills in a safe environment,
  • Group discussion about the impact suicide has on our personal lives and in our communities,
  • Information about what community resources are available and which are best to use during a crisis for yourself or someone you love.

$25.00 registration fee includes a training booklet, wallet reference card, packet with local resources, certificate of attendance (if desired), light refreshments, and a digital copy of the book Suicide: The Forever Decision by Dr. Paul G. Quinnett, founder of the QPR Institute. Group rates available! Visit for more information on this workshop or to register for the next training session.