Real Estate CRM

Customer Relationship Management is the key to the success of your business!

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Our CRM Software is an All-In-One System That Will Help You Communicate Better With Your Customers.

Why Use Real Estate CRM?

The success of a business is directly co-related with the with a successful relationship with their customers. Customer Relation Management (CRM) is not a mere implementation of technology but a strategic innovation to learn more about its customers. The real estate CRM is a complete CRM system that manages communication on both ends, leads as well clients. Moreover, it enables developing a strong relationship between agents, buyers, sellers, realtors and multiple real estate firms. The real estate management software is an automated software for the buying and selling process that results in the formation and helps in organizing the accounts.


Prismatic Real Estate CRM

The Prismatic CRM helps companies build and maintain a strong relationship with customers which ultimately shapes into the loyalty and retentivity of customers.

The CRM system offers number of features:

Booking and Management of Plots/Houses:

The Prismatic Real Estate CRM makes the booking, alotment and management of property super simple. Compile all your data at one place and make your business operations super-smooth.

Customer Registration & Upgradation

Whether you register new customers or require to upgrade an existing customers, do it easily with our Real Estate CRM. The software allows you to allot certificates and make duplicates as needed by your customers.

Property Integration with Google Maps:

With innovation lying at the core of our values, the Prismatic CRM helps you stay up-to-date. We’re one of the very few service providers who provide Google Maps integration.

Mergers, Splits and Downgrading

The Real Estate CRM includes a diverse range of features which enable you to change customer status as per your requirements.

Allotment History Report

Access historic data for all your customers whenever you want!